Springfield Commons Homes & Lots for Sale

Select a location that most appeals to you from our available lots and choose a home style and builder to create the home of your dreams. The Torron Group has many outstanding home plans already prepared or you can design one of your own. We also can recommend a number of highly qualified builders including Pinehurst Homes, Envinity, Zoller Construction, and Berks Homes.

Lots are selling fast! Over a dozen of our fine properties have sold in the past 12 months. Act now before your dream location is taken.

Currently Available Homes

Community Site Plan

Click on an available lot/home in the illustration below for a photo of the property and surrounding area. To zoom illustration to fullscree click anywhere not on a lot.

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Currently Available Lots

Select a location that most appeals to you from our available lots and choose a house style and builder to create the home of your dreams.

Lot #Home TypeStreet AddressCommentsLot Price
1CARRIAGE411 Homestead LaneSOLD
2CARRIAGE413 Homestead LaneRENTED
3CARRIAGE421 Homestead Lane $65,000
4CARRIAGE423 Homestead Lane $65,000
5CARRIAGE132 Dearing DriveSOLD
6CARRIAGE130 Dearing DriveRENTED
7CARRIAGE124 Dearing DriveSOLD
8CARRIAGE122 Dearing DriveRENTED
9VILLAGE140 Reuben WaySOLD
10VILLAGE134 Reuben WaySOLD
11VILLAGE128 Reuben WaySOLD
12VILLAGE122 Reuben WaySOLD
13VILLAGE129 Reuben Way or 107 Sophie CourtSOLD
14VILLAGE113 Sophie CourtSOLD
15VILLAGE119 Sophie CourtSOLD
16VILLAGE129 Sophie CourtSOLD
17VILLAGE133 Sophie CourtSOLD
18VILLAGE137 Sophie CourtSOLD
19CARRIAGE136 Sophie Court $65,000
20CARRIAGE134 Sophie Court $65,000
21CARRIAGE130 Sophie CourtHOLD
22CARRIAGE128 Sophie CourtHOLD
23CARRIAGE120 Sophie Court or 107 Dearing Drive $65,000
24CARRIAGE109 Dearing Drive $65,000
25CARRIAGE117 Dearing DriveSOLD
26CARRIAGE119 Dearing DriveRENTED
27CARRIAGE129 Dearing DriveSOLD
28CARRIAGE127 Dearing DriveSOLD
29VILLAGE453 Homestead LaneWalk-out $82,000
30VILLAGE459 Homestead LaneSOLD
31VILLAGE465 Homestead LaneSOLD
32VILLAGE471 Homestead LaneSOLD
33VILLAGE477 Homestead LaneSOLD
34VILLAGE412 Homestead LaneRENTED
35VILLAGE418 Homestead LaneSOLD
36VILLAGE422 Homestead LaneSOLD
37VILLAGE430 Homestead LaneSOLD
38VILLAGE155 Dearing DriveSOLD
39VILLAGE99 Emma CourtSOLD
40VILLAGE95 Emma CourtSOLD
41VILLAGE91 Emma CourtSOLD
42VILLAGE87 Emma CourtSOLD
43VILLAGE83 Emma CourtSOLD
44VILLAGE79 Emma CourtSOLD
45VILLAGE75 Emma CourtSOLD
46VILLAGE76 Emma CourtSOLD
47VILLAGE80 Emma CourtSOLD
48VILLAGE84 Emma CourtSOLD
49VILLAGE88 Emma CourtSOLD
50VILLAGE107 Brisbin Way Walk-out $72,500
51VILLAGE117 Brisbin WaySOLD
52VILLAGE127 Brisbin WaySOLD
53VILLAGE137 Brisbin WaySOLD
54VILLAGE147 Brisbin WaySOLD
55VILLAGE94 Emma Court $62,000
56VILLAGE98 Emma Court $62,000
57VILLAGE100 Emma CourtSOLD
58VILLAGE108 Emma CourtSOLD
59VILLAGE114 Emma CourtSOLD
60VILLAGE120 Emma CourtSOLD
61VILLAGE124 Emma CourtSOLD
62VILLAGE103 Emma CourtSOLD
63VILLAGE111 Emma CourtSOLD
64VILLAGE115 Emma CourtSOLD
65VILLAGE440 Homestead LaneSOLD
66VILLAGE446 Homestead LaneSOLD
67VILLAGE458 Homestead LaneHOLD

Neighborhood Location

Springfield Commons is located in the community of Boalsburg, PA and is conveniently located just a few miles from downtown State College and Penn State University.